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You see so many people out there travelling for a long term, sharing crazy selfies, always with happy faces. It’s true that most of the time they are not happy, but is also true it can be as easy as it looks. Today there is no excuse for not doing what you really want, and travelling should be always on top of your list. We will show you how to achieve continuous traveling, from preparation to everything you need to know to be ready for most of traveling challenges. I say most, because there is no 100% proof for nothing in life, be always prepared for the unlikely, and that’s one of the beauties of long time travel. 

You have been traveling for a while already, you are technically a nomad, but you struggle to keep your balance. It is either your health because you eat out almost every single day and you are not feeling any healthier, or because you can’t focus or get a grip on your routines or new business. Long time travel is not easier than staying at home, and in many regards is actually harder. Body, Mind and Soul need to be aligned, and traveling is a problem, or not.  

You know we are kinda exhausting our planet right, and traveling is not helping at all. On the contrary, common sense tells us that traveling is bad for the environment so we should stay at home. Well, yes and no. Transportation wise maybe yes, but everything else then no, or at least it does not have to be. We should be able to have the same impact on the road than at home, and we will teach you how. The great advantage of this knowledge is that a lot of it you can apply even without traveling. Zero Waste travel is not rocket science but it surely makes a great impact in our world. 

You travel full time, or you never traveled. It does not matter, either way you may struggle to find reasons to choose your destination. The world is overwhelming huge for our human scale, there are so many places you can travel so which one? And why? And if you are already traveling for a long time aren’t you exhausted? Why continue? Why are you traveling in the first place? We hope to be able tp insipire you and shed some iight to your travel lifestyle. 

This website is a platform of No Footprint Nomads, and we are just a couple of them. If you feel aligned with our values we are more than welcome to share your knowledge and experience and use us as a platform. We would like to say we want to create a #movement, we don’t have that high expectations, but we have no doubt that if all people in this world were conscious travelers our future would be bright. 

Conscious Traveling without a return ticket

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What can you expect?

No Footprint Nomads is supported in three main pillars: Nomadism, Zero Waste and Health. 

Everything related to being a Nomad, from finances, gear, jobs, best places, motivation and purpose, anything that will help you to achieve a Nomadic Lifestyle. And remember you can be Nomadic by travelling to a new country every week or you can set a base for years in a couple of places and still be considered Nomadic. (at least in the broader definition of Nomadic) 

Being responsible and conscious of everything you do is very hard, imagine that  on the fast speed of travel lifestyle. That’s why we talk so much about slow travel, and the benefits for your health, finances and planet. But we go much further and we help anyone to reduce its carbon footprint whatever life you want to have. Green gadgets, travel carbon offset, sustainable travel kits, everything in our reach to mitigate our impact in our beautiful planet. 

Nothing else matters if you don’t have you health right, you will not be a happy nomad. Travel health is normally associated to Tropical Medicine, but nowadays is much more than that. We share everything you could do while travelling, from natural products to health insurances which are a must for any type of traveler. Fitness, mental health and bowl diseases are critical matter for long time travel and we have faced all of them. 

We have doing it for almost a decade and want to share with you everything, for that we created guides where you can easily search for everything:

Here, you can find honest and trustworthy information on how to slow travel, live a sustainable lifestyle and how to keep yourself healthy. We are here to inspire and to help you achieve a more mindful way of living and traveling.

We know it can be challenging sometimes, there are so many things to think about and so much to decide when you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. But, as you will find out by following our (mis)adventures, it’s all about keeping positive and being creative. And trying several times until you find what is best for you.

You can start now by reading our blog posts and by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, with the most important and fresh info to help you keep on track.

We want to see you as an active part of this community of mindful travelers!

Who are the No Footprint Nomads?

We are a Portuguese couple that left Portugal in 2010 with the simple plan of traveling and working around the world for 18 months. The idea was to have a living experience in all continents and then decide where to settle, if back in our home country or in another place.

Fast forward almost 9 years we have “only” lived in 4 continents (Europe, Central America, South America, Asia), and have now totally the concept of “settling down”. Totally converted by the new nomadism we now explore the fine balance of permanent tourism.  

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Yes, we are profound Trekkies, we believe in the moneyless and borderless future forseen by Gene Rodenberry

The need to save money while traveling made us decide to do volunteering for local NGOs and join environmental permaculture projects. Oh boy, how our mind spun. 

This time was crucial to make us become aware of a different way of living: a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle. It’s all about awareness.

We became vegetarians shortly after visiting a permaculture project in Nicaragua and we embraced the minimalist lifestyle approach, in an attempt to simplify our lives and to minimize our ecological footprint.

Nowadays, we prefer to Slow Travel, rather than aiming at running across the globe in 180 days. We have embraced traveling as a lifestyle, something we didn’t think was achievable. 

Just relax, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in our World

Yes, we want to see the world, but we have plenty of time to do it, and why not soak in as much as you can of the experience and then decide where you want to make it your home? 

To make this possible, we became digital nomads, teaching English online working remotely and setting up our main base in Thailand.

Our journey has taught us that we have the power to change the world with the choices we make every day. From what you eat, to how you travel and how you consume. We want to inspire you to make this change, to become a more mindful traveler and to be able to do it the long-term.

Join us and be part of this growing movement of mindful traveling people!



Between pots and pans, spices and herbs, Sara loves to spend time preparing delicious and nutritious food and inviting friends for a vegetarian dinner. With a background in Pharmacy, but also a love for natural healing, she tries to find optimal health through natural solutions. She tries to reduce her footprint by going zero-waste in her daily routine.



As a Trekkie, João always aimed for the stars but he also has his eyes and hands on the ground, trying to apply permaculture to our vegetable garden. As an industrial engineer, he knows the importance of logistics and planning for success and he has been applying his knowledge to make our travels more sustainable.

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