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Nomad Lifestyle

Welcome to the new Nomadism, this movement of people leaving the stability of their classic lives to have a nomad lifestyle very similar to what humans used to do before discovering agriculture.

There is no rigurouse definition about a nomad, but in our opinion it has to do with your mindset, the way you approach your life. 

We for example stay in a place more than a year, but we are sure we will not stay more than 2 or 3, we are temporary and we will eventually move on to another place to live.

Others move every single week, can’t be more nomadic than that, but also it’s much harder to sustain in the long run.

If you really want to have a permanent nomadic lifestyle you have to slow travel, you have to be able to create some balance otherwise you will burn out and go back home. 

Want to learn more about our nomad lifestyle?

Long term Nomad life characteristics

Everything is temporary


Or like Buddha said, everything is impermanent, where you live, your house, your current friends and activities. All of that can change forever, maybe next week, maybe next month or year, but it will change for sure. 

Avoiding attachement

Again it sounds very Buddhist, but it is very imporant to a nomad life to detach yourself from things and in a way, people. This can be a big challenge on the long run, as you humans need relationships of course, but this is a a balance. It is probably more important to things, belongings, you become naturally minimalist. 

Don’t worry, be happy

Traveling, seeing so many realities, detaching from material things, you will unavoidably stress out much less with anything happening in your life. We don’t mean you will be indifferent to the world around, on the contrary, you will easier focus on what is really important.

Travel slow

You cannot sustain traveling constantly, you will start to appreciate quality time over quantity of places and become a true fan of slow traveling. Slow travel has no rules, again it’s a mindset, you will try to go deeper on the local culture you are living in, instead of just checking the tourism activities. 


Why should you be a nomad?

Even if you don’t want to have this lifestyle forever, who knows right? Forever is a long time, nobody can really commit. Why shouldn’t you be a nomad just for a while?

Just decide to travel unattached for some time and decide along the way. 

Travelling is what changes you, is what makes you grow, not if you are a real nomad or not. 

Do you want to know how you become a better person ? Check the next article:

How do you start a nomadic lifestyle?

Great, you are convinced to start your nomad life? So it’s time to start planning, and we are here to help you with that.

At any point of your journey if you feel stuck drop us a line, we will be glad to help you, as we have been stuck many times too. 🙂

Here are the steps we recommend:

The dark side of nomad life

You are convinced and already checked the steps you have to take, that’s great. But before you commit to anything it’s important you see also what can go wrong.

This is very personal, we are all different social animals with different needs, but you will know what to expect. 

We have learned to balance out all the disadvantages to our nomad life, and we are far from perfect. We still have some moments we question our decisions, and need to put everything in perspective. 

And remember, you can always settle and again and go back to your original life. 

What is a digital nomad?

Now it’s time to embrace which is probably the easiest way to be a full time nomad: to become a digital nomad. And what is a digital nomad?

We have been nomads since 2010 but only become digital nomads in 2016, so we have many years of experience of both worlds.

Digital nomadism is not to everyone, as you may consider spending countless hours in front of a computer not your cup of tea. Fine, many other ways to be nomad out there and sustain your costs.

But first, let’s find out what is a Digital Nomad…

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