5 green business ideas

5 Green Business Ideas That Only Need A Website

It’s never been easier to make a website. All you need is a laptop, and the tools for creating a site, buying a domain, and paying for hosting are at your fingertips.

This has opened up a world of business for eco-minded entrepreneurs. If you want to get started with your own green business, here are five great ideas that only need a website to get you started.


Perhaps the best green business idea that only requires a website on this list is blogging. It’s easy to get started with, virtually free to do (unless you choose to pay for a domain and hosting) and has a low barrier to entry.

Aside from a website, all you need is a passion for a subject. It might be cycling, or pets, or arts and crafts — it might even be a passion for the nomad lifestyle! Whatever your passion, pour it into your blog. Deliver useful tips, personal stories, interesting Q&As, and other diverse forms of content to drive traffic and engagement to your blog.

Paid ad space is the most common channel for monetizing your blog, but only achievable once you get a regular and high volume of traffic to your blog. Once you’ve got sufficient traffic, just sign up to Google AdSense. Google finds the right ads for your blog and you get paid for the privilege — simple.

Affiliate marketing is another popular way to make money from your blog. Simply review a number of products in a specific niche (for instance, white goods such as laundry machines), and link to each product in your review. For every customer who makes a sale via your affiliate site, you get a portion of the proceeds.

Of course, to succeed in this business you need to create a search engine optimized website, get regular traffic, solid products that people want to buy, and so on. It’s by no means easy, but it’s a profitable avenue worth pursuing.

And to really embrace the green side of your business, you could even opt to only review eco-friendly products. In this way, you can launch an eco-friendly business that also helps others make greener choices too.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, LocationRebel has a great guide to affiliate marketing that’s a good starting point.

Proofreading & editing

If you know the ins-and-outs of spelling and grammar, then launching a professional online proofreading and editing service might be for you.

There are countless people around the world who need help with their spelling, grammar, and other editorial issues. Non-native English speakers, for example, often need help completing college essays or job applications.

You don’t need any academic qualifications to get started with proofreading and editing either — you just need a solid grasp of the English language (or your own native tongue).

Your website should include your past work experience, as well as links to articles you’ve written to show you know your stuff. A good portfolio of previous articles demonstrates your proofreading and editing skills through your writing.

List yourself on proofreading and editing job sites such as EditFast to find customers. It’s also worth trawling student forums of social media groups to advertise your services too.


Another viable albeit unusual way to make money online is through ghostwriting. Ghostwriters write copy in a variety of formats, from articles and blogs to email newsletter and websites. The only difference is that they are never credited by name in the piece.

And you can find ghostwriting everywhere. That recent speech by your local politician? Ghostwritten. The autobiography of your favorite reality star? Probably ghostwritten too. It’s a perfectly legitimate venture, both for you and your prospective clients — and all you need is a website and good writing skills.

It’s simple to hone your skills at this too. Look to online services that offer book editing or writing advice to sharpen your skills before offering them professionally. These resources can help shape your skills and experience in the early stages of your ghostwriter career. Elna Cain has a good guide to getting started with ghostwriting that is well worth a look.

Sell photos

Digital nomads often find themselves in a variety of cool and beautiful countries. From the exotic climes of Sri Lanka to the historic city of Prague, you’ll see a wide range of stunning and diverse places.

This makes you the perfect stock photographer. Websites like Fotolia and Shutterstock offer financial incentives in return for high-quality and unique stock photos. Every time someone downloads one of your photos, you receive money — it’s as simple as that.

But beyond this, offering your services as a photographer, in general, is also a good green way to make money with just a website. Whether it’s for weddings or birthdays to staff snaps and corporate events, there are lots of opportunities to make money as a photographer.

And it’s easy to get started too. All you need is a decent camera — the rest you can learn online and from simple practice.

Launching a website-only business has never been easier. If you want to launch your own business with an eco-friendly feel, take some inspiration from the tips above and get started today.

Kayleigh Alexandra is a writer at Writerzone, and campaign designer for MicroStartups, a website focused on charities and microbusinesses. After years working in the sustainability, marketing and creative industries, Kayleigh now loves to devote her time to helping other businesses to grow and thrive. Visit her blog or follow her on Twitter @getmicrostarted for the latest news, tips and advice for startups and solopreneurs.

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