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If you are looking for exciting jobs thing big and look at your lifestyle

If you google exciting jobs or fun jobs you get many pages and lists full of ideal careers almost no one has access. 

While some of them may try to guide you in the educational direction to get those jobs, like the guys at Trade Careers, the majority is just trying to get attention for other purposes we will not discuss here. 

We could discuss the idea of calling a ER doctor an exciting or fun job, which I really think is kind of sadistic, or the accessibility to a job like Nascar driver. 

But that’s not my point here, I don’t want to focus in criticising others, I want to help you looking at the big picture. 

We have done some exciting work already, but now we want a great life not just work.

Your fun job decision should come after your fun life not before

If you decide to be a Nascar mechanic you need to travel all the time, if you decide to become a doctor you need to study 8+ years before you start to make any money, if you are a teacher in Portugal you might need to move abroad to get a proper job. 

Do you see where this is going? Why do we need to choose a career first and the adapt your life?

If we had family to the equation the consequence of your decisions is even higher. 

Why don’t you think first what type of lifestyle you want to have. Do you want to be able to travel? Do you want to live in a modern populated city? Or maybe in a nice villa 30 minutes away from a metropolis? What about raising your kids? Where would be perfect for them? 

Maybe you are too young to think on family already, and that’s fine, careers and lifestyle can change during your lifetime. 

That should not stop you to decide right now, what type of life you want to have, and then look at your working options. 

If you are here is because your working options are quite open. You are not 100% you want to be a doctor, or the next president of your country. In that case let’s discuss how to broaden your options. 

Work is just one small part of your balanced person

Our friends at Tiny Buddha define very simply a balanced person guide, and work is just one part of nine. 

Try to see your happiness and exciting life as a whole, and decide about your work with that.

Also consider your life as mountain chain, you may reach a top of on mountain and have of job that fulfils you, but reality can change and your decade can be doing something else completely different. 

Aim at having an exciting life, and you will naturally have an exciting work life. 

How travel can give you a bird's eye view of your life

Unfortunately our society is designed to make of us a production line. You finish school, have a list of pre-defined jobs, enlist and follow the path.

Luckily for our current age, this is not the only way anymore. Education is probably not the best word for college anymore, we are educated all our lives, so we just learn in different stages.

I don't like the word 'education' because it is such an extraordinary abstraction. I'm very much in favour of learning. I'm much more skeptical of credentialing or the abstraction called 'education'

Many societies already have the concept of gap year, just before you decide which career to pursue you go and travel the world. 

That will surely help you to make a decision that will probably affect the rest of your life. 

Traveling with a purpose, in this case, to see the world of opportunities outside of your original box can be an overwhelming experience. 

But it’s probably the only way you can take well informed decisions, even if it means to do exactly what you were planning before. 

If you enjoy traveling like we do and decide to continue doing it for a while consider our article about a very easy online job.

World Wide Web University

Traveling may be the best university ever, but there is no doubt that the brutal access to information we currently have is creating jobs and professionals without ever paying for college tuitions. 

Consider online studding to give you access to content you may not have access locally, or just to open your mind to other alternatives.

We have done dozens of MOOCS, some just to learn something we were curious about, others to improve our skills at our jobs. 

If you are excited like we are for a life of continuous traveling check out our main pages with all the options for a nomadic life

Think on having a good life

This is it, we wanted to be sure you were not blindly pursuing never acheiving jobs just because they sound great. 

Be honest with yourself, try to travel as much as you can, and study online what knowledge has to offer.

We are certain that with all of that you will find a life you will be happy about and an exciting job that brought you here. 

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