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Thanks for considering participating on No Footprint Nomads platform. We don’t want this website to be only about our experience, the impact we could have to improve responsible travel is much bigger if we all work together. 

We welcome anyone that wants to write guest posts or even to become a collaborator of our content creation, no need to be an experienced writer or have a blog. As long as you have passion for the values this website represents you are good to go. 

Even if you are not currently traveling our subjects are broad enough for you to write something if your expertise fall inside our three pillars: Nomadism, Zero Waste and Health.

You have your own Website

In this case just look at your benefits:

  • Exposure of your authorship to our audience. It’s a free promotion of yourself on our platform.
  • Links to your personal blog’s homepage and social profiles. Helps networking.
  • Once published, the content is not discriminated in any way and is treated equally as our natively written content.

If you are a brand or business then we’ll have a different kind of conversation as we are very careful with any brands we associate with. 

Our guidelines

  • Articles must be at least 1000 words long with genuine content and impeccable spelling and grammar
  • You prefer you write about your personal experience 
  • Please send a high resolution featured image, plus images to illustrate your article’s key points, which you must own the copyright or credit for it
  • Please write a 3 lines bio to place at the end of the article
  • You may link out to other pages within articles on this platform, NOT your own websites
  • No outbound links or promotional paragraphs to commercial products or services   
  • Please follow Google prohibited policies.

In return, you’ll get an author bio with your details and author photo, plus links back to your blog and social profiles so our audience can follow you and get to know you a bit more! We’ll also share your post on our own social profiles to help showcase your content

Create a Green Travel Guide

  • We are currently developing a new series of Green Travel Guides to help travelers find what to do in each city while having a low footprint. Our guides have the following information:
  • General Travel -visas, vaccines, etc.
  • Transportation – how to get to destination by land if possivel and how to travel around the city with low carbon options
  • Eco-Lodging – featured eco hotels for premium and budget travelers
  • Eating – featured local sourced or vegan restaurants
  • Food – featured zero waste shops, local markets and healthy shops
  • Shopping – featured second hand and local craft shops
  • Activities – touristic options and some green projects to visit

If you want to create one guide and get a link or authorship just follow this form or start filling below

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