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Zero Waste movement is on the rise, more and more people are transforming their houses and habits to a more environment friendly lifestyle. Zero Waste traveling on the other hand is a different beast. 

While at our own house we can easily make environmental friendly changes , on the road, the lack of comfort and time to apply most of the Zero Waste actions makes it a bigger challenge, specially if you are a nomad.  

This is even more important because traveling in itself is not good for the environment, starting by the transportation carbon footprint. Hence the reinforced importance of a Zero Waste approach to your travels.  

That’s where No Footprint Nomads come to the rescue,  we have been traveling for 8 years now, slowly traveling and living in many different countries and trying to integrate low carbon footprint best practices. This guide is here to help you do good on the road.

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No footprint is a mindset, is an approach you have to your daily life. All the small choices you do during your day: the food you eat, the transportation you use, the products you buy, are all interconnected and come to a cost. When travelling the challenge is even higher, but for every problem there is a solution and we will find it together

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