The Footprint on our skin with natural beauty products

Every day we look in that bathroom mirror, morning as night, and in it, we see an ever-changing face. A face that travels through time together with us, experiencing the same things as we do.

Of course, this leaves its marks and some of them we like and some of them we don’t…and it is what we use to cover the ones we don’t like that I want to talk about.

As pointed out this habit of covering up aka putting products on ourselves, is an everyday thing. Evidently resulting in that the products used, will be absorbed by our bodies 365 days a year. As a beauty-paradox, depending on what you use to cover up a so-called flaw, might end up making it worse! This is a 365 day a year thing, remember? That means it will have an impact.

So what is the message?

The message I want to get through is that if you choose products containing chemical substances, be sure to know what these are, and which impact they have. Otherwise, go for the safer alternative and choose natural ingredients, keeping you and your beauty-marks healthy.

Furthermore, we need to not only think about ourselves but on the environmental impact, certain products will have during their production and also decomposition. Our choices literally leave marks everywhere, and many don’t realize the power they possess as a consumer. When someone tiredly says something along the lines of “it won’t make a difference if I change which body lotion I buy”, I always point to the power of consumers.

Every single penny you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

No, it won’t make much of a difference if you change the shampoo you buy, but it will make a difference if you also change the soap, lotion, and makeup you use. Incrementally forcing producers to consider the footprint of their products. That my friend is power.

Kristin’s interest in sustainability evolved first when she was living in the U.S.

Seeing all the waste generated by people on a daily basis made her rethink and slowly change her mentality around consumption. Having started that change, she realized the research it entails and that most people simply don’t have the time for that kind of A-Z re-learning process, there had to be a short-cut to green! This lead to the creation of, a blog & resource library for people to find green and ethical alternatives to the things we use in everyday life…

If you are considering what to pack when traveling then you better take a look at our article to get ideas and to add from the brands you saw here.

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