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Zero Waste Travel

Zero waste travel has been the main topic of our talks for the last full year.

You can see on the following slides what we talk about it: ” Traveling is BAD for our planet” 

And it’s not only about transportation, in a future where we use renewable energy non polluting transports, traveling still has a negative impact due to the tourism activities

Digita Nomadism is adding to the problem, and it does not help that we can be a billion by the year 2035. 

I you are here it’s because you want to earn on how to mitigate you footprint, you want to know what can you do to travel more sustainable. 

Or as a nomad how can your lifestyle have less impact on the environment. 

Gad you are doing the journey o planet care , scrolling down you’ll find our guides and tools to do so. 

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Responsible Travel

First we inspire you to travel, but then we need to speak about doing it responsibly. Responsible travel is the most important approach one can have to our new global world. 

Below you can see one of our talks about responsible travel, it’s not the only topic there as we also discuss zero waste travel

The following main article gives you the steps and details on how to be a responsible traveler. 

Zero Waste Travel Kit

First we’ll start with the tools, the zero waste travel kit that you can carry with you everywhere. 

This is a very important habit change, and new habits are very difficult to implement in your life.

It took us some months until we finally feel the kit is part of our daily clothing. It’s like going out of home and feel naked, that something is missing.

Tip: if you need help with habit changes check the life changing book, Atomic Habits.

The best way to start using the kit is to start small, with what we call the zero waste starter kit. 

From that, you start to use it, feel excited (hopefully) by the results, and go the next step which is to integrate more tools on your kit.

More tools, more power, more impact. 

The next article goes in detail about the kit, and also gives you free options to go about it. 

Zero Waste Trave Guide

Creating a Zero Waste Travel guide is a huge challenge if we consider that everyone travels diferently.

It is not the same travelling for a week or for 6 months, or impacts and actions to prevent those impacts are really different.

Our first guide we present here, based on the famous 5Rs of Zero Waste movement is based on our short trip to Vietnam.

Southeast Asia is the region of the world that wastes more plastic per capita, so traveling in any of these countries without using any plastic is a great challenge, but we did. Well kinda… 😉

We will follow this guide with other examples for a more long term lifestyle, the Nomad challenge.

Zero Waste Events

Zero waste events are becoming a new trend thanks to the awareness that people gathering events are normally big waste producers.

If we thing about festivals for example, we know the impact they have on the locations that they are created.

Luckily there area already many initiatives catching the zero waste train, and we have been to some already.

Nevertheless, many public evens like festivals are still a big problem and one that it will only improve if we as individuals do something about it.

We start here with an article about the beautiful lantern festival in Thailand called Loy Krathong. 

Hope you drink some of its inspiration to apply to other events you go from now on.

Zero Waste Taks

The talk we have been sharing in the places that we live and travel to express the need for a zero waste approach to our traveling lifestyle. 

Zero waste commandments : The 5 Rs

5rs zero waste

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